LJA utilizes the latest in Advanced Geospatial Technology to deliver premium remote sensing solutions. Our core technology includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), light detection and ranging (LiDAR), hydrographic acoustic imaging, remote sensing, and high definition laser scanning (HDLS). This division utilizes its in-house Leica ScanStation C10 and P40 terrestrial high definition laser scanners to collect complete spatial information. This information is used to develop digital terrain models (DTM’s) and 3D models of buildings, roadways, rail yards, material stockpiles, industrial facilities, and natural ground watersheds. We provide these services across an expansive geographical area for projects that vary in size, scope, and complexity.

High definition scanning (HDS) within a wide range of industries and projects offers increased levels of detail and accuracy over traditional surveying and saves time due to faster data collection and reduced site visits. It is also safer in areas where it is too dangerous to collect data using traditional survey methods. HDS also improves visualization of complex structures and their models, and has an overall lower cost than traditional methods.


As-Built Documentation and Modeling

Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Material Stockpile and Handling

Transportation Infrastructure Modeling

Archaeology Heritage Preservation

Demolition Drawings

Piping Isometric Development Assistance

Pipeline Tie-In Identification

3D Topographic Site Planning

Common Point of Existing Data for Each Discipline

Deformation Analysis of Structures, Tanks, and Foundations

Clash Detection for Piping and Structures

Building Construction

Bridge Design