Houston, Texas


Camp Strake

Innovation. When it was determined that the original planned entrance road to the new campsite was located in the nesting area of an endangered bird species, the road was adeptly redesigned and moved to a nearby farm-to-market road requiring extensive collaboration with the Boy Scouts and the US Forest Service, as well as the construction, environmental, and engineering firms working on the site. Additionally, working to limit impact on neighboring tracts, LJA created land swaps with adjacent tracts and will create land title surveys and legal descriptions of the areas after the new boundaries are determined.

LJA’s survey group was contracted by the Sam Houston Area Council Boy Scouts of America to produce land title surveys for what will become the new location of Camp Strake. Tracts of 1,442 acres, 1,225 acres, and 150 acres near Cold Spring, Texas are being combined to create the new campsite, and as the site is located within the US Forest Service boundary, LJA will locate easements and stake 42,000 feet (nearly eight miles) of clearing for construction of 50 buildings. The heavily wooded location in the Piney Woods was also field adapted to avoid clearing specimen trees and preserve the forest environment. LJA produced topographic surveys for design, prepared legal descriptions and exhibits for the acquisition of the new right-of-way, and staked the right-of-way limits enabling the US Forest Service to inventory and mark trees for removal. Work is ongoing at the site, including topographic surveys of rifle range berms and locations of well sites.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Jeremy Russell, RPLS at jrussell@lja.com.


Topographic Survey

ALTA Land Title Survey

Construction Staking